How to Break Into The World of Healthcare Real Estate with Trisha Talbot Ep 25

Provider's Edge | Peak Performance Guide for Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Nov 16 2022 • 40 mins

No matter if you currently lease or own the building your practice is in, are in the early stages of scouting out a property for your own private practice, or are ready to jump into the world of healthcare real estate to increase your personal wealth - this episode is for YOU!  The world of healthcare real estate is lesser known, but can be lucrative and a hidden gold mine. Join us as we share key steps to consider no matter what stage you are in your healthcare real estate journey. Trisha Talbot, owner of Doc Properties and healthcare real estate expert, joins us this week on the Provider’s Edge Podcast. Are you ready to learn what it takes to step into the world of healthcare real estate? Find out how to do just that by listening and subscribing to our episode now! Your success is just one step ahead. Just tap on the link below to listen to the full podcast to start walking that path to success now … Subscribe 🔔 and listen 🔊to this episode now❗ 🎧  🎧 Like to read instead? Subscribe 📩 to our weekly newsletter on LinkedIn: 📄 ‎