Bridging Gaps in Dentistry: Insights on Oral Health and Overall Well-being with Rocky Norris | Ep 56

Provider's Edge | Peak Performance Guide for Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Jun 21 2023 • 33 mins

In this episode, Sabrina Runbeck sits down with Rocky Norris, a former dental hygienist who transitioned into a holistic nutritionist. They discussed the significance of adopting a holistic approach to dentistry. Dive into the challenges faced by the dental industry, particularly the lack of awareness regarding the correlation between oral health and overall wellbeing. The need for a universal approach to dentistry is also highlighted. Rocky shares her personal journey from dental hygienist to holistic nutritionist and her advocacy for promoting a universal approach to dentistry. Overall, the discussion touches on the difficulties of running a successful healthcare business and the importance of achieving balance. Episode Timeline: [00:00:01] - Building a Flexible Healthcare System [00:02:31] - Rocky Norris' Journey to Holistic Nutrition  [00:06:07]  - Challenges in Dental Industry and the Importance of a Universal Approach [00:10:54] - The Importance of a Three-Month Process [00:15:24] - Believing in Yourself and Overcoming Doubt  [00:21:23] - Identifying Gaps in Healthcare  [00:24:03]  - Finding Balance in Healthcare [00:29:37] - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome [00:30:56] - Overcoming self-doubt  [00:31:47] - Letting go and attracting new clients  [00:32:22] - Balancing workload and maintaining wellbeing  Links and Mentions: Listen 🔊to this episode now and Subscribe 🔔 to the Provider’s Edge to never miss an episode❗ 🎧 🎧 We love to hear your feedback. Send me your stories or questions here: We are here to support you, so let us know how we can further uplevel your success!