Don't Do It Like Daddy! (Featuring Alvin Dean & Jawanda Davis)

Parents After Midnight

Mar 31 2022 • 1 hr 11 mins

This week Jarratt and Irmari are joined by 2 members of The Squad of Pod, Jawanda and Alvin Dean. We are having a round table discussion about turn ons. What turns you on before you even get to the bedroom? What is the freaky sh*t you love the most? And how does our personal turn ons stack up to "America's turn ons"? Plus what is a turn on discussion without talking about what turns us off. All of this and so much more on Parents After Midnight!!! Follow all things Jawanda (here) Follow all things Alvin (here) Follow all things Irmari (here) Follow all things Jarratt (here) Follow Parents After Midnight on all of our socials! (Instagram) (Twitter) (TikTok)