"Mind Your Autistic Brain: A neurodiverse origin story" - An Interview with Carole Jean Whittington, Pulaski County | Ep. 10

Women of the Bluegrass

Mar 7 2023 • 31 mins

We’re all still learning something new about ourselves each day – but sometimes those discoveries can put your life and your career on a different trajectory. I’m your host, Jordyne Carmack, a leadership development and communication skill coach in London, Kentucky - and you’re listening to Women of the Bluegrass, a leadership development podcast for and about women leading the way in Kentucky industries.

My guest today is Carole Jean Whittington, the Founder of Mind Your Autistic Brain. Her company is one of the largest and only 100% Autistic ADHD owned and staffed Accessibility and Neurodiversity consulting firms in the world. She hosts a weekly talk show discussing the hottest topics in Neurodistinct life from accommodations, work, relationships, burnout, masking and more with some of the biggest names in the Autistic online space. (The Mind Your Autistic Brain Talk Show is heard and downloaded in over 89 countries by over 300,000 listeners and watchers each week. Spotify ranks our show in the top 5% of podcasts in the Self-Help category in 2022.) Carole Jean uses her unique solutions The UnVeiling Method and The Neurodiverse Communication Ecosystem to help companies, teams and individuals, with minds of all kinds, authentically connect and thrive.

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