Team Blanca USA

The Compassionate Life

Aug 2 2016 • 54 mins

Blanca Ramirez is one impressive, powerhouse young female athlete! Keep your eye on her! She was the youngest female to complete 7 marathons on 7 continents...all at the young age of 12. I met Blanca in February of 2015 during her final marathon in Antarctica when I myself was running my 7th marathon on 7 continents in 11 days for pets in need at the Triple 7 Quest. And if this is not inspiring enough, Blanca runs for a cause. She runs for Operation Smile, a nonprofit organization that provides free surgeries to repair cleft palates and other facial deformities for children around the world. 'She wants to see every kid smile'. All of this is not easy, we will get to hear first hand from Blanca herself about how she does it all. Tune in next Tuesday August 2, 2016 to Voice America's Empowerment Channel at 3pm pacific time to hear her story. You can find her at 'Team Blanca USA' on twitter, facebook, instagram, and linkedin.