Mitrice Richardson - Police Cover Up? The System Failed

Murder, Mystery & Makeup

Jan 11 2022 • 49 mins

Hi Friends!
I wanted to talk about Mitrice Richardson, I feel like her story is pretty important. Her case got completely dismissed and not taken seriously, WHY?! WHY would they let her leave at 12:30 am without any car, phone, wallet, nothing?!?! Why was she arrested in the first place? Why why why why why. So many why’s and not enough answers here. There is also a LOT more to this story but I just couldn’t fit it in to one video, this one turned out way longer than expected.
I hope for nothing but love, peace, closure and forgiveness for everyone involved. Mitrice was so young, so beautiful and had so much ahead of her. I pray for healing and love for the family. I also hope one day they can get some kind of closure. I know that doesnt mean much but , every family deserves closure.
Have a wonderful day today and I will be seeing you guys very soon. Love you
Bailey Sarian

Also, Mitrice's mother released a book shedding light on her journey to find justice for Mitrice. Please make sure to check it out to help keep Mitrice's story alive.

"Mitrice: A Mother's Journey from Despair to Desire"

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