Week Two - Gamification of Content

Futures Forum

Apr 6 2020 • 24 mins

A weekly mindshare on innovations, ideas and best practices for the experiential industry.
In this week's episode we talk about Gamification of Content. What we can learn from F2F to apply to Virtual,  and vice versa? How can the current virtual necessity be used for future,  possibly more hybrid,  event scenarios and applications?

The conversation was organized around 4 talking points:

Naomi Clare, Allie Magyar, Mark Dominguez, Ronni Kimm: Let’s talk about the lens of RN vs. Future. How have you been balancing those perspectives? How has this driven why we are gathering in this Forum?  How do innovations and frameworks shift in response to unprecedented challenges and why should we be hopeful about the future?

Gary Gonzalez, Amy Blackman, Mark Dominguez, Katy Mull: Esports events are this really unique blend of the live and virtual. How have you seen Esports brands bridge the spatial ‘distribution’ of attendees so that both types of participation are integrated and inclusive?

Clare Brown, Michael Lewis, Justin Boone, Amelie Bahlsen: What are some best practices for Gamification in immersive interpretive environments that you have seen? How are the physical and digital experiences integrated – and how might that be extended to virtual participation?

Denise Cintron, Allie Magyar, Justin Boone, Naomi Clare What are the best practices for Gamification at conventions, conferences or activations? How have you approached the Virtual participant in past events, and how might that change in the future given our current virtual pivot?