CREATE YOUR ADVENTURE - Storytelling for Hybrid Experiences (Part 1)

Futures Forum

Oct 30 2020 • 18 mins

In this hands-on episode we we shift from ideation to application mode. This Experience Mapping workshop asked participants to map a journey for their attendee profile.  Visit https://www.thefuturesforum.com/listen-learn to view the pre-read materials that were sent to attendees.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it): Read the pages below and select a profile journey you identify with. Have a think about what YOU would LOVE to experience at a Hybrid event. Share ideas and get hands on in the MURAL, where we’ll be building our journey maps: https://app.mural.co/t/storycraftlab1758/m/storycraftlab1758/1595616317654/fe2008913a5ca51ad568024f56a103b398f0359c

Lots of brilliant ideas here from Allie Magyar, Josh Vanderkrol and Marty Choate of Hubb, Dan Noake of Modev, Mark Dominguez of Intel, Mahoganey Jones of Event Specialists, Rachel Matthews of George P. Johnson and Megan Henshall of Google. This episode was facilitated by Storycraft Lab - and those of you exploring the MURAL will also find ideas contributed from members of CEMA, and  students from NYU Stern as well as the GWU Event Management program.