Week Four - Virtual Meaning

Futures Forum

Apr 22 2020 • 39 mins

In this week's episode we talk about Virtual Meaning. How might experiential learning approaches make virtual content engaging and meaningful?

The conversation was organized around 3 talking points:

Content Engagement Stories
Participants: the whole group
Share a short story about your most memorable content engagement:
What happened? What is your lasting memory of the experience? What messages resonated and why do you think they impacted you?

From Engagement to Activation
Participants: Bret Freedman, Jason Ulaszek, Ronni Kim
What moves the needle on the dial of activation?

Microsoft Hackathon Pivot to Virtual
Participants: Susie Kandzor, Jonathan Healey, Jason Ulaszek, Naomi Clare
What innovations and insights have you discovered through the Microsoft Hackathon pivot to virtual? How might these insights be applied to other learning formats