Architecting Inclusivity - Part One

Futures Forum

Aug 6 2020 • 24 mins

In this episode, we hear some really brilliant minds in a thoughtful discussion about Inclusivity, including Jeremy Baxter-Jenkins at SilverFox Communications, Justin Boone of Opus Agency, Kena Jones of Salesforce, Susie Kandzor of Microsoft, Allie Magyar of Hubb, Sarah Bondar of the Charles Group, Megan Henshall of Google and Monte Rehling of Intel. This was a lovely conversation, with a lot of consideration around how we meaningfully create experiences that are inclusive. The first part of this discussion asks what Inclusivity means to each of the participants, from their unique perspective on the events and experiences industry. And, we hear from Kena Jones on how the terms 'Inclusion' and 'Accessibility' can be considered in relation to one another.