Dan and Brendan from Come Thru Queen talk RHOC, RHOSLC, Miami, Melbourne and More!

Housewives And Me

Feb 22 2022 • 55 mins

This week Dan Calabrese and Brendan Davis from the hilarious podcast Come Thru Queen return to chat about the current state of all things Real Housewives. From Brendan's Heather Dubrow standom and the new season of RHOC and Dan's love of all things Real Housewives of Miami there's plenty more to discuss including the return of RHONJ, this chaotic season of RHOSLC, what's next for RHOA and RHOBH, Housewives stars on CBB USA, what Summer House star could transfer to Housewives and much much more!

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Housewives and Me is produced, edited and hosted by Conor Behan.

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