Georgie Crawford talks RHOBH, RHONY, RHONJ and More!

Housewives And Me

May 24 2022 • 59 mins

This week is joined by health coach and host of the The Good Glow Georgie Crawford for a look at her long-time love of Real Housewives! Georgie tells Conor how RHONY introduced her to the franchise and why she's a fan of Bethenny, she discusses RHOBH and why she got on fan fave character all wrong, reveals why RHONJ might be her fave Housewives show and her thoughts on Teresa V Melissa and also praises RHOP and wonders if RHOC needs to do something. Plus Georgie chats about Irish stars that could appear on the show, which Housewives should love to have on The Good Glow and more!

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Housewives and Me is produced, edited and hosted by Conor Behan.

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