Jenn Gannon Returns to Talk Big RHONY News!

Housewives And Me

Mar 30 2022 • 34 mins

With the news that TWO new RHONY shows are heading our way, we had to do a deep dive into this news! Conor is joined by journalist and DJ Jenn Gannon to discuss the plans to reboot RHONY with new faces and bring longtime faves to a new spin-off.

Conor and Jen get into their hopes for a reboot of the show and why NYC queen Julia Fox should be in the mix, whether or not this is letting established cast members off the hook and which of our faves need to come back for the new spin-off.

You can read Andy Cohen's interview with Variety about the news here.

You can find Jenn on Twitter and Instagram. She DJs with Lime and Fancy who are also on Instagram.

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