RHOBH Premiere Recap and Danielle Lindemann on What Reality TV Says About Us!

Housewives And Me

May 17 2022 • 1 hr 4 mins

RHOBH is back and Conor dives into the season premiere for his thoughts to kick off this week’s episode! What’s up with Erika? Are Garcelle and Sutton besties forever? Can Dorit deal with her shock while filming the show? The recap kicks off at 0.55 this week’s interview begins at 11:38.

Then Conor talks to author and sociologist Danielle Lindemann about her new book True Story: What Reality TV Says About Us and her own thoughts on the Real Housewives. Danielle uses examples from Real Housewives in her book showing how class, wealth, racial stereotypes and gender all play out on the shows. Danielle discusses this season of RHOC and how much the show has changed, RHOBH and what it says about wealth, discusses how stereotypes play out on RHOP and why RHOSLC is both something new and also familiar for Housewives fans. All that and much more in a conversation that will change how you think about Real Housewives!

Danielle’s book is available at Irish retailers like Easons and O'Mahony's. There’s an eBook on Amazon also. You can find her on Twitter and check out her website here.

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