Karen Constantine on RHOSLC, RHONJ, RHOBH, Beauty on Housewives and More!

Housewives And Me

Mar 8 2022 • 52 mins

This week content creator and beauty expert Karen Constantine of beauty blog Lovely Girlie Bits joins Conor to discuss her Housewives journey. From watching some of the shows over the years to rediscovering her passion in lockdown Karen gets into her Housewives faves from RHONJ to RHOSLC, RHOBH to RHOC and more! Plus as a beauty expert herself who is giving the best glam on Housewives?

You can follow Karen on Instagram, read her blog here and check out her YouTube channel. Plus she just launched new platform Content Creation Station which you can get on Instagram and YouTube.

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Housewives and Me is produced, edited and hosted by Conor Behan.

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