#8 We go off topic

Punch Drunk Vinyl

Mar 2 2021 • 47 mins

In this weeks episode we attempt to talk about seasonal depression, which we both take very seriously but in classic PDV fashion, we take fourteen different turns into random tangets that bring us back to depression and how it affects us... in short, we get there, slowly. Our spins this week are Miles Davis - Witches Brew B-Sides for Wes and Richard Edwards - I am El Escondido (The Soft Ache & The Moon Demo Recordings). If you listen long enough to hear these spins, you'll definitely relate and hopefully take something away from these records. We hope you enjoy this episode and as always, please reach out to us on social media and say hello. OR! Check out our new Patreon page at https://patreon.com/punchdrunkvinyl (Patreon.com/punchdrunkvinyl) Instagram: Rylan @punchdrunkrylan Wes @wesivers https://www.punchdrunkvinyl.com (https://www.punchdrunkvinyl.com) Support this podcast