Episode 110 - Police Dogs - Crime & Safety with Senator Kelly Seyarto

Canine Conversations - Dog Training Podcast

Mar 16 2023 • 27 mins

California Assembly Bill AB 742 would try to eradicate the use of police dogs, and that is a big problem for safety in our cities.

Everyone can agree that crime is out of control in many cities and states - including here in California. I got the unique opportunity to interview California Senator Kelly Seyarto who has been quite vocal in his support of police and his opposition of this bill. Our chat will help you better understand how the laws are proposed and ultimately passed.

Even if you're not in California, this is a great watch because these radical policies may come to your city one day.

Here are the links to find what committee hearings are scheduled:
Senate: https://www.senate.ca.gov/calendar
Assembly: https://www.assembly.ca.gov/schedules-publications/todays-events

There, you can view each committee and the floor agendas to see bills that will be heard. You can watch a video, listen in, and find call-in instructions as well.

Make your voice heard wherever you live.

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