Episode 99 - U.S. Special Operations K9 - Shannon Krieger

Canine Conversations - Dog Training Podcast

Jul 14 2022 • 1 hr 25 mins

Shannon Krieger has done it all. He is the guy that legends are made of and movies are about. He's fought in war, been part of the upper echelon of the US Military. He was one of the 3 people who started the use of assault dogs in the military. He survived a helicopter crash and there's more.

My chat with Shannon was epic. The stories he shares are breathtaking, funny, motivational and they will make you feel like you were actually there with him. Whether missions in the Middle East during the most turbulent times or training dogs to do amazing things here in the US, you won't find more amazing stories or a better conversation.

Thanks to Zane Stoops for introducing us.

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