Unbreak My Heart

Cheri Anderson: Holistic Wellness Coach

A podcast about navigating the messiness and aftermath of breakups. Our guests enter into the conversation shackled to their break up stories and together we find the keys. read less

With my eyes closed, in traffic, I crossed the street | Remanda
Mar 9 2023
With my eyes closed, in traffic, I crossed the street | Remanda
Goodness! This is a great story of a woman who went through the "school of life" because of a 6 year relationship with a man who broke her heart 3 times.  Remanda is a strong, determined and "don't quit -> win" kinda girl. When she started dating for the first time she gave 200%. Being from China, her culture affected many of the decisions she made, especially about how to pursue a career, how to see herself and how to value a relationship.  What does it take to finally say goodbye? What can happen to make you give up 6 yrs of history and life together? He promised to show up for her surgery and when the time came - not a whisper of his whereabouts or glimpse of his presence. At first his absence was due to oversleeping from playing video games into the the wee morning hours. Then his absence extending into the next day out of shame and fear for messing up big time! At that point Remanda knew there was no coming back.  Our conversation is extensive. We get to know a lot about her life story which was largely impacted by her first boyfriend. She shares incredible insights, learns a few new things about her past and shares about finding the love of her life in a very non-traditional way. You will be inspired, you may even want to take notes. If you'd like to learn more about this entrepreneurially compassionate and talented woman please check out her fashion blog https://www.styleright.me and her instagram @stylerightblog.