Text Talk

Edwin Crozier & Andrew Roberts

2 Men; 15 Minutes; Eternal Impact. Welcome to Text Talk. Edwin and Andrew open their Bibles and talk about it. Join us for a weekday time of Biblical devotion to God.

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Feb 11 2020
2 mins
Hebrews 3: Faithful in God's HouseHebrews 2: Our Merciful and Faithful High PriestHebrews 2: Made Perfect through SufferingHebrews 2: He Tasted Death for YouHebrews 2: Those Who HeardHebrews 2: Pay Attention and Don't Drift AwayHebrews 1: God Hasn't Left Us AloneHebrews 1: Jesus, the CreatorHebrews 1: Jesus is NOT an AngelHebrews 1: Come to the New CovenantHebrews 1: God the Son, the Son of GodGalatians 6: Boasting in the CrossGalatians 6: Do Good to EveryoneGalatians 6: How Will Your Spiritual Garden Grow?Galatians 6: Be a Burden, Bear a BurdenGalatians 6: Caught in a TransgressionGalatians 5: Crucify the FleshGalatians 5: The Fruit of the SpiritGalatians 5: Freedom is No Opportunity for the FleshGalatians 5: Faith Working through Love