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John 2: The Resurrection Changes Everything
2d ago
John 2: The Resurrection Changes Everything
John 2:18-22 (ESV)Andrew and Edwin notice even the apostles didn't understand Jesus's statement about the temple of His body until after the resurrection. The resurrection lifts the veil off of all Scripture. The resurrection is the central event of all history. It changes our perspective of all that came before it and all that comes after it. Through the lens of the resurrection, we do not reinterpret the Old Testament, rather we finally are capable of interpreting it the way God ultimately intended.Read the written devo that goes along with this episode by clicking here.    Let us know what you are learning or any questions you have. Email us at TextTalk@ChristiansMeetHere.org.    Join the Facebook community and join the conversation by clicking here. We'd love to meet you. Be a guest among the Christians who meet on Livingston Avenue. Click here to find out more. Michael Eldridge sang all four parts of our theme song. Find more from him by clicking here.   Thanks for talking about the text with us today.________________________________________________If the hyperlinks do not work, copy the following addresses and paste them into the URL bar of your web browser: Daily Written Devo: https://readthebiblemakedisciples.wordpress.com/?p=13853The Christians Who Meet on Livingston Avenue: http://www.christiansmeethere.org/Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TalkAboutTheTextFacebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/texttalkMichael Eldridge: https://acapeldridge.com/