Kalila. 44 Weeks Gestation. Home Birth. Apraxia. Motherhood. Menstruation.

The Heart of the Soul

Mar 13 2021 • 1 hr 6 mins

  • Stories of my next door neighbor Kalila
  • When is a baby "Due?"
  • Home Birth & the comfort level of different care providers.
  • Kalila shares her own birth Story as well as her Stories of birthing of her own two babes.
  • How acupuncture helped lower her Blood Pressure.
  • Kalila's Journey of Mothering a baby in the NICU and her commitment to breastfeeding.
  • Kalila shares about her Soul calling to educate and empower girls, especially around   Menstruation or Bleeding


Home Birth Rates in the US


The AMAZING Acupuncturist Kalila Mentions who is practicing in Spokane: Emily

Podcasts Kalila mentions about Menstruation:

20. Herbalism, Menstruation, & Innate Knowing - Kami McBrid‪e

63. Your Cycle, Your Self: Period Empowerment, Fertility Awareness, & the Risks of Hormonal Birth Control - Dr. Elizabeth Wad‪e

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