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Now the fastest growing moderate political podcast in the nation! Join two best friends, Rob, a liberal (against leftism), and Justin, a conservative (don't call him a Trumper), as they engage in some calm and less calm, but always civil, discourse. DTM is a show about politics and current events through the lens of moderation, measuredness, common ground, understanding, and compassion. Indoctrinate yourself into moderate values, and join the Moderation Revolution!

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Episode 33 Primer: War
Mar 11 2022
31 mins
Episode 33 Primer: WarEpisode 32: "I heard Justin and Rob work for the CIA now!", The Conspiracy Theory EpisodeEpisode 31: "Rush to Judgement"Episode 30: "How to Reduce Crime without going Nuclear"Episode 29: "How to Destroy the Nuclear Family"Episode 28: "How to Create a Crime Syndicate"Episode 27: "Slow Joe's Foes Don't Like the EOs"Episode 26: "Xi Market Crapitalism"Episode X: "Insurrection"Episode 25:  "Rebel Without a Claus, A DTM Holiday Special"Episode 24: "Can Blue and Red Share a Bed?"Bonus: 'Buzzed History and Interview with the Honorable Fred Zeidman Part II'Interview with Emily ConradEpisode 23: "So Electorally Collegial"Episode 22: "A Cup of Joe Bye-Don" Post-Election SpecialEpisode 21: "Oh My Word, It's Almost the 3rd" Election SpecialEpisode 20: "iReddit on Facebook"Bonus: 'Buzzed History' and Interview with Lloyd ChapmanEpisode 19: "The POTUS’s Hoax-us Pokes Us"Episode 18: "Oh my Pod, it's Voter Fraud!"