Love, Psyche and Soul, Hosted by Danielle Burns, Depth Psychologist

Danielle Burns

Love, Psyche and Soul is a radio documentary that shows how archetypal numinous experiences facilitate new areas of awareness during life transitions. Experiences of this nature are often characterized as sacred or mysterious, leaving a person to feel frightened, connected to something larger, or with feelings of joy and wonder. The radio documentary explores archetypal numinous experiences in singers, songwriters, musicians, clinicians, teachers, and authors using prenatal attachment-oriented Jungian analysis and stages of development. The project aims to develop a broad understanding of psychoanalytic approaches to healing through multimedia art, music, and film. By exploring this vital intersection between the arts and sciences in such multisensory works as, writing, narration, choreography, theatre, music, and poetry, we bring consciousness to important issues through the power of healing, storytelling, and participatory action research to transform and renew lives. read less
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