Life's 3 Things - Author Manny Garcia's Podcast

Manny Garcia

These 5 minute podcasts translate profound, old-world wisdom into simple, modern-day language that helps turn anxiety, fear, and despair into courage, strength, and inspiration.
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The Freedom of Forgiveness (Episode 13)
The Freedom of Forgiveness (Episode 13)The Pitfall of Judgment (Episode 12)The Scenic Route (Episode 11)Defining Your North Star (Episode 10)Compassionate Politics  (Episode 9)Advancing by Reversing  (Episode 8)How To Stop Worrying  (Episode 7)Discovering Who You Are  (Episode 6)Feeling Past Depression (Episode 5)Supercharging Your Willpower (Episode 4)The Flow of Life's Perfection (Episode 3)3 Ways to Find Truth (Episode 2)Guidance, Purpose, and Love (Episode 1)