Taking charge of your career with Rick Veronese

Problem Busters

Apr 7 2021 • 58 mins

Career Coach Rick Veronese shares his story from Italy to England, from pre-career to UX Designer to Career Coach. Most importantly, he and the Problem Busters discuss how all of us can reframe our views on our careers and having identified what matters to us, take charge of our careers and next steps. We also talk tech, FIRE (Financially Independent retire early) and how keeping expenses low can shave years off your working life (and how retirement for many is not stopping, merely starting to do only what you love, for the love of it). About the show: Problem Busters is a show that explores solutions to the biggest and the smallest of problems. Hosts Jonathan Goodwin and Oliver Happy discuss making the world a better place with guests from far and wide. About our guest: Rick Veronese is a Career Coach currently based in Valencia, Spain. He built a successful career of his own in UX (User Experience) Design in the thriving Bristol startup scene and is now taking all he has learned, adding a healthy dose of living within your means, and helping others take control of their careers. Rick's LnkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rickveronese/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rickveronese/) Show mentions: Growing up in a small town in Italy, and realising that travel was the passion Moving to the UK, to Bristol and studying design After 7 years working in Design for Fintech in Bristol, moving to Valencia Spain 03:42 making a life change based on google search - to Bristol London not being the only tech hub in the UK, Brighton, Bristol and others now included in the mix. 05:45 Self-taught design and how getting on google helped to understand the fundamentals of design, online resources etc. 06:30 Why Design? Wanting a creative career and just simply searching for jobs that you could do on a computer Web design with Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Fireworks Moving into HTML and CSS Then moving into a pure play Design role and into UX, then into research and strategy UX and going into the rabbit hole with learning more about design. 09:00 the journey from google search into web design 09:30 What is UX? User Experience. And why should we and our organisations care about it? <----- Good UX and Bad UX and how UX has emerged from Design over the years. 11:45 What is the role of the Designer and the Design team in a digital business? The Designer as a connector of sorts, between the product and how it should work, and the business objectives of the company. Designers connecting different elements of the company The sociology and psychology behind exploring the human psychy. 15:00 The career problem - and realising that life is short and not wanting to go on spending it in a job doing something they don't like. The fulfillment question - are we entitled, unique snowflakes who expect too much from our careers and wanting it all right now? Or do we all deserve to be fulfilled and to have a choice? 17:00 The fulfillment gap and there being a stressed out, burned out state for so many people (and wanting to help them find their place). 18:45 The unrest that comes from a misalignment between what I want to do and what I am doing, leading to stress. Career coaching as a way to help people find their way to their own path 20:30 Summing up the concept: The person comes before the professional. Career growth as a by-product of growth as a person. When I focused on my career, I didn't see career growth, when I focused on me as a person, the career grew. <---- The painful realisation when understanding that for there to be growth, there needs to first be a period of non-growth. Of stagnation. 22:00 Career progress as similar to the creative process. You struggle but you know after this will some kind of epiphany, eventually. Lay-offs and lockdown creating a period of stagnation and struggle for many people. The role of guilt in realising that a well paid job may not be what you love to do, especially if you have it all...