Avoiding burnout with Daryl Woodhouse

Problem Busters

May 28 2021 • 1 hr 7 mins

We talk to Daryl Woodhouse about burnout and how to avoid it. A timely episode for many who have survived lockdown by working (even harder) from home. As we step out into the world again, some will be in balance and looking to keep it that way, while others will have lost sight of the outdoors and be in need of a rethink. Daryl shares his story from corporate to start-up, the experience of running a coaching and training business during lockdown, and what he has learned along the way. Plenty of tips are shared in a bite-sized and easy to apply way. This episode will get you thinking, and will likely cause you to reclaim a bit of your precious daily time for spending what you love most. About the show: Problem Busters is a show that explores solutions to the biggest and the smallest of problems. Hosts Jonathan Goodwin and Oliver Happy discuss making the world a better place with guests from far and wide. About our guest: Daryl Woodhouse is a speaker, coach and founder who helps leaders and their teams grow performance and maximise life-work balance. He has a long track record of working with businesses ranging from Fortune 500 to plucky startups. His most recent program The Life Work Effect has just hit the market to help people achieve balance. The Life Work Effect site Daryl's https://www.linkedin.com/in/daryl-woodhouse-keynote-speaker/ (LinkedIn) Daryl's https://darylwoodhouse.com/ (website) Show mentions: Two halves of career to date: Corporate leadership up to a FTSE Top 10 level, and lucky enough to benefit from a leadership development program that got me where I am today. Then in 2012, I started my first business. Starting a business and there being a lot to learn to do so (and how to beat the odds and not fail). Advanced Business Partnerships scaled up to 7 figure revenues in the first few years in the areas of leadership, coaching, mentoring and non-executive leadership training. 2016 coming away from that business and getting involved in several technology companies and a few exits, and getting into lecturing in business, then keynote speaking. 05:00 Having a major burnout was the result. Something that was a long time coming as a workaholic who put work before life for too long. A personal tragedy finally brought everything out and showed that life happens and if burnout is not dealt with, then health problems result and relationships are the result. Coming back from burnout and moving to a 4 day week, seeing work life improving as a result, means I've realised that less is sometimes more. Less is sometimes more, I've realised there is a better way than the traditional rat race many corporates and entrepreneurs just accept. 07:20 It should be life work balance, not the other way around. Sustained success comes with planning life first, then fitting work around it. 08:00 Signs of burnout? A number of things came up for me. Things like working long hours, always being too busy, too rushed and regularly late for meetings (even just a few minutes), they love work and see it as a hobby, but it can be a very unhealthy one. For overachievers, it is a natural habit to try to pack too much into the day. Being aware of being too reactive to time gremlins and to be proactive in how we spend our time (and the boundaries we set) is the key to overcoming them. 10:00 Tips for putting life first? Do exercise at the start of the day, not at the end. Make time for lunch. Garmin watches as a way to track stress during the day and as a trigger to have down periods during the day. 14:30 Research proves that when overworking, less is actually more. There are a range of benefits that come from more balance, and being happier. A study from Oxford University showed that people who were happier in their work and what they were doing, were 13% more productive. 15:20 Tips as a team to make yourself a little bit happier during the day. Notice your energy levels during the day and when they dip (or are lower)....