John Lumgair, Animation Director at Quirky Motion

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May 20 2024 • 20 mins

Welcome back to "Your World of Creativity," where we dive into unique stories from creators worldwide. Today, we explore a fascinating project with John Lumgair, animation director at Quirky Motion Studios in London, crafting a tale of resistance against technocracy through the eyes of a jazz-playing cow.

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- **The Jazz Cow Concept**: Jazz Cow follows the story of a bohemian cow leading a resistance movement against encroaching big tech, with a heist to retrieve his saxophone as the central plot.

- **Influences and Symbolism**: Influenced by classics like "1984" and the symbolism of jazz as freedom, Jazz Cow juxtaposes the liberty of music with the control of technology.

- **Creative Process**: The project evolved from a humorous concept about a jazz-playing superhero cow into a deeper narrative confronting societal issues, driven by collaborative creativity.

- **Artistic Vision**: Drawing from traditional 2D animation, Jazz Cow blends noir aesthetics with vibrant colors and incorporates influences from artists like Aaron Douglas and jazz album covers.

- **Funding and Engagement**: Lumgair adopts a crowdfunding approach, engaging audiences early and offering pre-sales of merchandise and streaming to fund the pilot episode, emphasizing the importance of audience involvement.

**Pull-out Quote:**

"I think in many ways, we've got to laugh at this stuff because everything's got so serious... Satire is good to get us to look at ourselves." - John Lumgair

This episode offers insights into the challenges of animation production, the importance of maintaining relationships, and the journey from concept to execution in creative projects.

As we anticipate the Jazz Cow Kickstarter campaign, let's continue supporting independent creators like John Lumgare, fostering connections and unlocking diverse worlds of creativity. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories on the next episode!

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