Dr. Esther Sternberg, Medical Researcher and Author of WELL AT WORK

Your World of Creativity

Apr 1 2024 • 26 mins

Welcome back, listeners, to "Your World of Creativity", where we explore the journeys and insights of creative practitioners worldwide. Today, I'm honored to have Dr. Esther Sternberg as our guest, exploring the intersection of integrative medicine and workplace well-being.

Dr. Sternberg's book, *Well at Work: Creating Wellbeing in Any Workspace*, offers a comprehensive exploration of integrative health principles applied to the workplace, blending storytelling with scientific evidence to engage readers in a transformative journey.

Listen in the episode as she reads from a chapter in the book.

Key Points from the Episode:

- Dr. Sternberg's journey from rheumatology to research, emphasizing the impact of stress on health and well-being.

- The pivotal role of workplace design in influencing stress levels and overall well-being, illustrated through studies with the General Services Administration.

- The evolution of workplace dynamics post-COVID, highlighting the importance of community and collaboration.

- The concept of an "ecosystem of work" and the need for balance between in-person and remote work.

- Dr. Sternberg's approach to collaborative research, emphasizing multidisciplinary teams and shared insights.

Key Quote:

"The greatest source of creativity is at the interface between different disciplines."

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