Costas Schuler, founder of Envisionary Design

Your World of Creativity

May 13 2024 • 30 mins

Welcome back to *Your World of Creativity*, where we dive into the minds of fascinating creatives. Today, we explore the journey of Costas Schuler, founder of Envisionary Design.

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- **Creative Triumphs:** Costas shares his unique blend of humor and deep insights that have fueled his decades-long career in design.

- **Intuition in Creativity:** Embracing a childlike state allows for intuitive and innovative thinking, leading to effortless creativity.

- **Fractional Creative Direction:** Costas introduces the concept of a fractional creative director, blending a subscription model with high-quality, personalized design services.

- **The Power of Truth:** Through his involvement in the Warrior Week community, Costas emphasizes the importance of truth-telling for personal growth and creativity.

- **Gratitude and Ego:** Costas highlights the role of gratitude in maintaining a fresh perspective and overcoming creative obstacles, cautioning against the pitfalls of ego-driven behavior.

Pull-Out Quote:

"The simplest thing I've discovered is the ego. When the ego gets in the way, things go badly. When it becomes about you and you're blaming other people, you're in for a world of hurt." - Costas Schuler

Thank you for joining us on this enlightening journey with Costas Schuler. Be sure to check out Envisionary Design and stay tuned for more captivating conversations on *Your World of Creativity*.

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