Stephen DiJoseph, Musician, Filmmaker, and Tourette Advocate

Your World of Creativity

Mar 25 2024 • 22 mins

In this episode of "Your World of Creativity," host Mark Stinson interviews award-winning musician, speaker, and filmmaker Stephen DiJoseph.

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Stephen, a neurodiverse musician, has released international albums with the Deko label and the ADA group of Warner Music. With 10 albums, award-winning films, and numerous live performances and TV appearances, Stephen shares insights into his creative journey and personal experiences living with Tourette's syndrome.


- Stephen's creative process evolves constantly, with creativity waiting for no specific time, leading him to prioritize inspiration and organization.

- His multiple genre disorder challenges him to create full albums for each project, bringing organization to his diverse musical styles.

- Stephen's filmmaking and speaking engagements complement his music, allowing him to tell his life story and advocate for neurodiversity.

Key Quote from Stephen:

"Creativity waits for no one. That's what I could say, any time of the day or night. And most people who are, should I say in service to it, know that and they go for it. At all costs."

Join us as we continue to explore creativity worldwide, learning from practitioners like Stephen DiJoseph who inspire and innovate in their respective fields.

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