Dianna Kokoszka, Trainer and Author "Becoming More"

Your World of Creativity

Mar 4 2024 • 25 mins

Welcome to Unlocking Your World of Creativity with today's guest, Diana Kokoszka


- Diana shares insights from her new book, "Becoming More," and discusses the power of training the brain to think differently for enhanced creativity and success.

- Neuroplasticity and Thought Patterns: Diana explains how repetitive thoughts create neural pathways, likening it to walking the same path across grass, and emphasizes the importance of breaking old thought patterns to foster creativity and growth.

- Creative Problem-Solving: Diana shares her journey from a struggling single parent to a successful real estate agent through innovative approaches like door-to-door networking and creative marketing strategies.

- The Role of Mentors: Reflecting on her mentors like John Maxwell and Zig Ziglar, Diana emphasizes the importance of learning from both successes and failures, highlighting the value of mentorship in personal and professional growth.

- Overcoming Challenges:*Diana candidly discusses facing financial setbacks and emphasizes the importance of resilience, mindset, and facing challenges head-on, rather than avoiding or denying them.

- Abundance Mindset and Legacy: Diana advocates for cultivating an abundance mindset, combating scarcity and doubt, and shares practical techniques from her book to retrain the brain for confidence, gratitude, and success.

Key Pull-out Quote: "No one succeeds alone. Every single person that has ever made it big... always had others that helped them... It's not the circumstances we're in that make our life journey. It's the decisions we make around the circumstances we're in that cause our life journey."

Listeners are encouraged to explore Diana's book, "Becoming More," and her upcoming events for practical strategies to unlock their creativity and achieve personal and professional growth. Join the journey of unlocking creativity in the next episode!

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