Ricky Zhang, Creator of Prince of Travel for Miles and Points

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Apr 29 2024 • 23 mins

In this episode, we travel to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to chat with Ricky Zhang, the Founder and CEO at Prince of Travel.




Ricky shares insights into his journey from a passionate traveler to building a successful travel brand.

1. **The Birth of "Prince of Travel":** Ricky explains how the name "Prince of Travel" originated from his desire to start a travel blog and the struggle to find the perfect domain name. "Prince of Travel" captured the essence of traveling the world on one's terms.

2. **Inspiration Behind the Venture:** Ricky's upbringing, marked by family travels and exposure to diverse cultures, fueled his passion for travel and eventually led to the inception of Prince of Travel.

3. **Strategies for Travel Rewards:** Ricky delves into the world of travel rewards, emphasizing the potential to leverage loyalty programs and credit card optimization to stretch travel budgets and unlock premium experiences.

4. **Building a Strong Digital Brand:** Ricky discusses the importance of upholding high standards in content creation, from video production to website design, to cultivate trust and engagement with the audience.

5. **Navigating the Digital Space:** Ricky offers advice for aspiring entrepreneurs entering the digital space, highlighting the significance of creativity, consistency, and community-building for long-term success.

**Key Quote from Ricky:**

- "The world's becoming more connected...there's more lands of opportunities out there." - Ricky Zhang

Mark expresses gratitude for Ricky's insights and encourages listeners to continue their journey of creativity and exploration. He invites them to join in for future episodes as they unlock the world of creativity together.

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