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Unscripted dialogues on archaeology and anthropology of South Asia. Join us on journeys into the pasts of the sub-continent as we discuss the rich material culture, artefacts, and archaeological sites. Let us open the treasure trove of a bygone era as hosts Akash and Durga chip away at a new theme every episode. read less
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S03E08 Bonus Content: Chippin' Away on Screens of the Stone Age!
Aug 21 2022
S03E08 Bonus Content: Chippin' Away on Screens of the Stone Age!
We had the wonderful opportunity to feature on Screens of the Stone Age. Find the details below!On this episode, we’re joined by Akash Srinivas and Durga Kale of the Chippin’ Away podcast to review Mohenjo Daro (2016), the story of a simple farmboy’s first trip to the big city where he falls in love, discovers his destiny, and saves an entire civilization. Mohenjo Daro was a real city in the Indus Valley, and Akash and Durga help us sift through the real-life archaeological evidence that inspired this film.Listen to Chippin’ Away wherever you listen to podcasts: Chippin’ Away on Twitter and Instagram @chippinawayindView Akash's research profile: Akash on Twitter @AkashSrinivas91Find Durga on LinkedIn at Durga on Twitter and Instagram @kalemightyRead Durga’s Blog: www.kalemighty.comIn this episode:Learn more about the Indus Valley Civilization at as a status symbol: Harappan DNA: still can’t read Harappan writing: does the representation of horses in Mohenjo Daro have to do with debates about Indian ancestry? Plumbing: & Raikes (1968). The Mohenjo-Daro Floods: A Rejoinder! American Anthropologist, 70(5), 957-961. unicorn seals: Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi:, Mohenjo Daro was not destroyed by a nuclear explosion: the Show.Send your comments and inputs to us at and keep the conversation alive on Twitter and Instagram @chippinawayind