"We don't often define success in the same way did pre-children...but that's ok!": Charlotte Speak, Strengths Coach and Talent Consultant

Diverse & Inclusive Leaders Podcast by DIAL Global

Aug 20 2019 • 29 mins

Charlotte Speak: Strengths Coach and Talent Consultant

Leila chats to Charlotte Speak, showing the world what the Power of the Parent is all about.

Charlotte is a strengths practitioner, critical thinker, question asker, lover of reflection time and a parent who is juggling a business, a family and a life! After a 12 year corporate career it was time for her to figure out what was really important and how she could use her strengths and skills to start making a difference to the experience returners (and businesses) face after the significant life change of starting a family. Charlotte helps returners reconnect with what drives them and often redefine what their version of success now looks like.

Find out more about Power of the Parent - http://power-of-the-parent.com/