Why Sales Managers Must Love Their Team

Love Your Team

Jan 16 2022 • 8 mins

Welcome to our first episode. This podcast is for sales managers who must retain their top talent in a world where employees have far more choice and power than ever before. Helen Fanucci believes that sales managers are the critical leverage point for any company looking to grow and remain competitive in the innovation economy. For most of us, remote work and hybrid work have caused us to rethink what it takes to be effective. Employee expectations have changed which in turn requires sales managers to adjust their approach in order to retain top talent and build high-performing teams that consistently exceed revenue goals.

Welcome to Love Your Team hosted by Helen Fanucci with Susan Finch.


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About your host - Helen Fanucci

Helen is passionate about building strong team cultures and has a track record of leading sales and marketing teams for the past 25 years to deliver exceptional business results. The foundation of her success stems from focusing on her team members first and results second.  Understanding team members’ motivations, aspirations and supporting their success drives business performance.  None of this would be possible without the underpinnings of a strong collaboration and communication platform.

Helen has stepped into a new leadership role focused on working with customers to foster employee engagement and collaboration utilizing Microsoft’s tools and platform. This is an exciting time to be in tech and a critical moment when all companies are figuring out hybrid work arrangements and strategies for retaining talent.  None of this is possible without the right cloud services. Helen is thrilled to be leading a team of customer success professionals who are empowering customers to realize business value from their investments to maximize employee engagement and cultural transformation.

Helen is a sought-after industry speaker on the topic of Digital Transformation and the Future of Hybrid Work.

Prior roles at Microsoft include Strategic Accounts Sales Leader, General Manager, IoT Device & Azure sales, and General Manager of the Solutions Sales and Compete team. Before joining Microsoft, Helen held numerous sales and marketing roles at IBM, Apple Computer, and Sun Microsystems in Silicon Valley and London, England. Helen earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.