Journey to Brave

Kaia Hunter

Welcome to Journey to Brave, a podcast dedicated to empowering women to heal from trauma, cultivate self-acceptance, and fearlessly step into the most brave & confident version of themselves.

Hosted by me, Kaia Hunter, Certified Life & Shadow Work Coach, Breathwork Faciliator, and NLP & Hypnosis Master Practitioner.

Join me as we dive deep into how trauma and the wounds from our past affect us. How we can heal, find strength, create emotional wellbeing and ultimately create the life you've always bloody dreamed of.

I believe that healing, as well as self acceptance, are the foundations for personal growth and we’ll explore the tools, the strategies and practices so that you can create your own journey to brave.

Ready? Let’s go

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Hating My Body & The Start Of My Journey To Body Acceptance & Love
Aug 16 2023
Hating My Body & The Start Of My Journey To Body Acceptance & Love
I’ve been hating my body and shaming myself for putting on weight over the past 5 years. I feel far from confident about it.Every night I look at myself in the mirror, and tell myself my stomach is fat. I tell myself that I should be at a certain weight. That I look awful. That no man would find me attractive. That I won’t achieve the level of success I want unless I’m thin.I oscillate between accepting where I am and learning to love my 54 year body exactly the way it is, vs trying my hardest to lose the 5 kgs. It’s a constant battle in my head.I’ve had this mental battle most of my life.Society says women are only attractive if they look a certain way. Is it any wonder we beat the shit out of ourselves to fit into a certain mould?I know i’m not alone. I know there’s a LOT of women feeling exactly the way I feel. And so while I kinda feel like vomiting right now, I’m doing it anyway…Sharing my journey toward loving my body - something I’ve never felt. And it’ll be a journey, because even writing the words ‘loving my body’ brings up resistance.This Episode of the Podcast is a ‘from the heart’ share and I hope it resonates with you. Send me a DM on INSTAGRAM here Book a CONSULT with me here your free Video and Guide "Stop letting fear hold you back. Start feeling confident and brave" here