Negotiating Confidently With Kwame Christian

Coffee with Kim

Jun 7 2022 • 59 mins

Do you feel uncomfortable tackling hard conversations? Since they’re unavoidable, we need to learn how to better navigate them. To help us get more comfortable with the uncomfortable, I sat down with Kwame Christian an author, business lawyer and adjunct professor who focuses on helping individuals overcome the fear & anxiety of having difficult conversations. (That would be us!) Join us as we dive into the nitty gritty of how to embrace, welcome, and conquer hard conversations and negotiations.


04:35 Understanding Your Negotiation Style

07:34 Two Tips For Better Conversations

10:20 The Compassion & Curiosity Framework

11:40 Emotions & Decision Making

15:34 Micro-negotiations

23:37 Negotiating With Yourself

39:57 Advice For Freelancers:

45:20 Speed Round

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