Taking Control of Your Career With Madeline Mann

Coffee with Kim

Mar 22 2022 • 1 hr

Ever wonder when to bring up money during an interview? Or how to answer the all too common question, “Tell me about yourself”? On today’s episode, Kim is joined by career coach and founder of “Self Made Millennial” Madeline Mann. Madeline has been featured on Bloomberg to the New York Times, teaching others how to tell their career story in a way that shows their true worth and lands them their dream job. Kim and Madeline dive deep into what to know when making a career change, the number one mistake when negotiating salaries and how you should be using LinkedIn today.

16:05 Why & how you should be using LinkedIn

21:45 What to know when making a major career change

28:30 The CAR method of storytelling

34:39 The number one mistake when negotiating

49:20 When to discuss salary in the interview process

58:00 How to switch careers successfully

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