Networking Strategies: How To Start

Coffee with Kim

Mar 29 2022 • 1 hr

What is your biggest pet peeve with courses, talks & webinars? For me, it’s leaving with an empty notebook, no strategies or tactical advice & nothing to implement! On today’s episode, I’m joined by two leaders from Cohort 1 of Career Capital – Jeff Walsh and Mandy Bynum. We’re talking through the big changes they’ve seen in their personal brands since the program and walking you through changes you can apply to your LinkedIn, networking, and executive narrative today!


0:00 Why LinkedIn?

10:06 2 Things Impacting Connections

19:45 The Power Of Perspective

23:33 Digital to Real Life Relationships

34:00 Adding Value on LinkedIn

45:12 The Digital Generation In The Workplace

53:34 Death Of The Resume

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