Starting Line - The New Founders Podcast

Swivol Media

There are plenty of guides and podcasts about your path to unicorn status, but what if you're just starting out and not sure where next week's income is coming from? When everything is on fire, how do you choose which one to put out first? And how do you stay well and ensure the process brings you energy instead of draining it? Starting Line: The New Founders Podcast features interviews with founders and small business owners from a range of fields who started from scratch, whether they are still in the early stages of building a business, or further in their journey. We take their stories from the beginning and talk about the things they think helped them succeed and the things they'd do differently.
5. Steve Grace - The Nudge Group4. Emeka Edwin-Nweze - Neta Care3. Paz Pisarski - Startup Victoria / The Community Collective2. Caroline Brunne - Organise.Create.Design1. Jeremy Fleming - Stagekings / IsoKingTrailer - Starting Line: The New Founders Podcast Series 1