1. Jeremy Fleming - Stagekings / IsoKing

Starting Line - The New Founders Podcast

Oct 21 2021 • 24 mins

New from Swivol Media, Starting Line: The New Founders Podcast highlights stories from emerging and established founders and industry experts, and we start from the beginning.

In 2015, Jeremy and Tabitha Fleming founded Stagekings, combining Jeremy's extensive background in carpentry and construction for large events with Tabitha's years of experience in sales and marketing for music labels including EMI, Sony Music, and Universal Music. The business quickly took off, and within a very short time, Stagekings were creating and building some of the largest custom stages and event structures in the country.

The shutdown of the live events industry at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic brought all of this to a halt. Faced with standing down their staff and an uncertain financial future, Jeremy and Head of Production Mick Jessop put their minds to a solution, and in a matter of weeks, an entirely new business was born. IsoKing became one of the feel-good stories of the early months of the pandemic.

Jeremy joins us to share the experience, and as we listen we can learn much about resilience, risk-taking, and creating a culture of openness and creativity.

You can learn more about Stagekings and IsoKing at https://www.stagekings.com.au/