Lucy's Record Shop

Mary Mancini

In the summer of 1992, Lucy’s Record Shop opened its doors in the sleepy little southern city of Nashville, TN. For the next six years, this fiercely independent store and all-ages punk club was home to a tight-knit community of the rebellious, the rejected, the anxious, and their allies. Join shop owner Mary Mancini as she sits down with the kids who made Lucy’s so special and whose DIY ethic and unfettered creativity left a lasting mark on the Nashville underground music scene.

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Introducing: Lucy's Record Shop
The Spikes Protect Our Tender Hearts
Host Mary Mancini sits down with poet and artist Christine Hall.  Christine was raised in a trailer at the edge of the Adirondacks by troubadours and cultist pornographers. Inculcated with American mythology—tool girl calendars, bible stories, science fiction—she built on this education while hitching across the continent. Before she set off on her travels she was a teenager at Lucy’s trying to find her way out of a difficult and painful childhood. Christine found Lucy’s to be a safe space and her story has a happy ending, but the safety she found inside didn’t always prevent her from acting out her trauma in dangerous and self-destructive ways on the outside. Now at home in the Nashville arts community, Christine hosts the Poetry in the Brew open mic. Her work has appeared in Out & About Nashville, several anthologies including Sinew (April Gloaming Publishing, 2021), Be About It zine, on MTA buses, and on stages with the Yoni Pearl Monologues, Cabaret Noir Collective, TSU, Third Man Records, and OZ Arts.  This episode comes with a content warning. We talk about self-harm, and suicide, as well as the trauma brought on by religious indocrination. If you’re in need of resources or support, please go to suicidepreventionlifeline.org or call Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. The Lifeline provides free and confidential support for anyone in distress and prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones 24/7. If you live outside the U.S., look for the local resources in your community. Mentioned in this Episode Mother Hubbard Brazen youth Teen idols Fun Girls From Mt. Pilot The Swindlers Follow us / Say hello Instagram: @lucysrecordshop Twitter: @lucysrecordshop Facebook: /lucysrecordshop This show is part of We Own This Town, a podcast network of original entertainment and documentary content. You can find more info at the official site at WeOwnThisTown.Net and on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.
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Schtucket! Schtucket! Schtucket!
When they first met at a suburban Junior High just outside of Nashville some thirty years ago, Mike Shepherd was the rule-following new kid with a stash of X-Men comics under his chair and Jereme Frey was the black and white checkered Skidz-overalls wearing local with a stash of X-Men comics under his chair. They sat next to each other in band, and for the most part, followed the rules. Then they heard that damn Nirvana record, scooched their trombone and tenor sax over just a little to make room for a bass guitar and a drum kit, and Schtucket was born. A few short months later, Mike (Bass, Vocals), Jereme (Drums, Vocals), and their other bestie, Ryan Shogren (Guitar, Vocals), recorded a demo on a boombox / karaoke dual cassette tape machine to take down to Lucy’s to see if maybe, just maybe, they could get a show. Spoiler alert: they did. On the regular. Thirty years later, "Nashville's happy-go-lucky musical tricksters” are members of Tower Defense, and they’re still cranking out their unique version of loud, high-powered punk, making records, and playing live shows to packed houses. Jereme Frey and Mike Shepherd have played rock music together for nearly 30 years, beginning with "Nashville's happy-go-lucky trio of musical tricksters," Schtucket. Schtucket was together from 1993-1998, and their run included ten appearances at Lucy's Record Shop between 1994 and 1997. Following Schtucket's dissolution, they went on to play together in The Shakedown Cruise, Shiboleth, Gentleman Divers, Partytown Hospital, and early-aughts loud-rock legends Apollo Up! For the last ten years, they've collaborated in Tower Defense, alongside Mike's wife Sarah Shepherd on bass and Currey May on guitar. In The City, the latest LP from Tower Defense, was released in 2020 on Nashville's YK Records.  Episode MusicSchtucket - Skirts (1994)Tower Defense - In the City (2020)Lambchop - “So I Hear You’re Moving” Additional Mentions/LinksSchtucket - Discography 1994​-​1998 Apollo Up! Tower Defense - Jereme Frey - drums, vocals; Currey May - guitar, vocals; Mike Shepherd - tenor bass, vocals; Sarah Shepherd - bass, vocalsGentleman Divers Partytown Hospital The Drmls with Mike SeymourStone Deep Fun Girls From Mt. Pilot - Hi Doll 7” Fun Girls From Mt. Pilot - “Hold A Grudge” Troy Pigue - bass; Chris Fox - Drums; Donnie Kendall - Guitar, Vocals; Cat - vocalsDion and The Belmonts - Teenager in Love Nirvana - Tourettes Pixies - UMass Daphne’s Operation (Murfreesboro, TN)Logic BombUncle DaddyBrazen YouthHammerheadHoover Brainiac - Bonzai Superstar Dallas Thomas (Fingerhutt)Murdered MinorityJon Sewell TMBG Forget Cassettes YK Records Drkmttr Southern Rock & Roll Girls Camp Follow us / Say helloInstagram: @lucysrecordshopTwitter: @lucysrecordshop Facebook: /lucysrecordshop This show is part of We Own This Town, a podcast network of original entertainment and documentary content. You can find more info at the official site at WeOwnThisTown.Net and on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.
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House O' Pain
This is the Lucy’s origin story. Host and shop owner Mary Mancini sits down with Don and April Kendall of House O’ Pain, also known as the other two “tolerant, accessible adult role model[s]” who ran the place, to talk about how, with a whole lot of love, luck, and perseverance, they turned a small, independent record shop into a safe harbor and an essential destination for local and touring punk and indie bands. In the summer of 1992 Donnie and April had already been booking all-ages punk shows for a couple of years and had built a loyal following of teenagers hungry for live music and a place to just “be.” Mary had just opened Lucy’s Record Shop to sell 12” vinyl for club djs and LPs from independent bands to customers hungry for music you couldn’t find anywhere else in town. A few months later the two worlds would collide when Donnie and April accidentally stumbled onto Lucy’s. Call it fate, call it destiny, call it whatever you want, when the Kendalls walked into that small shop on Church Street, something in the universe clicked into place and forever changed the trajectory of Nashville’s underground music scene - and many, many lives. Don and April Kendall booked shows, published a ‘zine, and ran a record label all under the umbrella of House O’ Pain. Don played guitar in legendary Nashville punk bands Rednecks In Pain, Fun Girls from Mt. Pilot, and Booby Hatch. Together they own the Nashville-based, Development Management Group, and are the proud parents of Samantha, a certified athletic trainer, and Griffin, a member of The United States Marine Corps. --  Follow us / Say helloInstagram: @lucysrecordshopTwitter: @lucysrecordshopFacebook: /lucysrecordshop Music“So I Hear You’re Moving” - Lambchop “Hold A Grudge” - Fun Girls From Mt. Pilot“Jenny's Little Crisis” - Rednecks In Pain“Tour Song” - Jawbreaker“Link” - Boobyhatch Additional LinksBrad Talbott Jim Ridley “A Dog’s Life: The Times of Lucy’s Record Shop,” by Jim Ridley, Nashville Scene, January 29, 1998 This show is part of We Own This Town, a podcast network of original entertainment and documentary content. You can find more info at the official site at WeOwnThisTown.Net and on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.
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Introducing: Lucy's Record Shop