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100 Thieves’ CouRage Reveals The Secrets of Becoming a Streamer
Feb 24 2023
100 Thieves’ CouRage Reveals The Secrets of Becoming a Streamer
CouRageJD, 100Thieves Owner, Shares Insights on How To Become a Successful Streamer and Managing Mental Health. Listen to a segment: 2:59: How did you turn gaming into a career? 8:06: What growth hacks do you have as a streamer? 8:50: How to build your community as a streamer 9:24: The Trickle Down Effect of Streaming, going from 0 viewers to 10 10:51: How did you integrate your self into a creator friend group?  16:29: What does it take to be a streamer? How is that different from other platforms? 17:47: Mental burden of streaming 18:57: How do you take care of your mental health? 21:00: Dealing with the ups and downs of being a creator 22:43: Anxiety 24:08: The biggest strength of being an online creator 24:41: How have you built out your own team? 27:34: The value of investing into your employees 28:30 Who is on your team? 30:10: What does the recession mean for creators? 32:10: How do you hire people for a creator business? 34:10: What are some of the differences between TikTok and YouTube? 35:45: How do you transition from TikTok to YouTube shorts? 36:05: Is there a higher production value for YouTube shorts? 38:05: How has your content pivoted since YouTube shorts was released? How do you learn from other creators? 38:25: Mr. Beast’s Secret Tip for YouTube 38:52: How the YouTube algorithm change 42:00: The importance of analytics 42:30: The art and science of YouTube thumbnails 46:20: Are clickbait titles dying? 48:15: What is your YouTube Shorts Strategy? 50:35: How does being a YouTube streamer affect your YouTube channel? The streaming wars 52:50: How did streaming exclusively on Youtube affect your viewers? 57:25: What advice do you have for us launching our podcast?