Building A Blind Army: Lukas Simianer

Four Bad Eyes

May 15 2022 • 59 mins

Anthony Ferraro, Dan Mancina & special guest Lukas Simianer kick off episode 22 of the Four Bad Eyes Podcast. Tune in to hear Dan, Anthony, and Lukas discuss so much! Special guest Lukas CEO cofounder of Clusiv, The first e-learning platform designed by and for the visually impaired shares his experience creating and launching Clusiv.

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Keep Pushing Inc was founded by Dan Mancina, an accomplished skateboarder who happens to be blind. Dan also holds a Master's degree in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT), which helps to teach adaptive life skills to those dealing with vision loss. Keep Pushing is a non-profit that combines Dan's two passions by introducing the blind/visually impaired (VI) community to the inclusive culture of skateboarding. Through his own journey with vision loss, Dan has found the lack of accessibility in current skateparks.

The goal of his foundation is to build the first fully adaptive skatepark and to host skateboard workshops for the blind and VI using what he has learned on the skateboard and through his VRT training. Dan has teamed up with an experienced skatepark design company, New Line. Using New Line's design expertise and Dan's knowledge of adaptive skating to create the safest and most accessible skate park ever!

Using adaptive methods, such as increasing the size of obstacles, adding contrast to obstacles, tactile ground, auditory cues for echolocation, 3-D models, and a spacious layout. Once the facility is built Dan plans to host monthly skate workshops and skateboard lessons for local youth/adults who are blind and VI, annual adaptive contests to help push for skateboarding the Paralympics, as well as use park adaptations to influence future public skateparks.

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00:00 - intro

01:50 - Luke shares his experience as a child with a learning disability and why he wants to help change the world for the disabled.

07:30 - how Luke first raised money for Clusiv, and where the idea for the e-learning platform came from. Lukas gets into the nuts and bolts of how Clusiv works.

36:25 - how to become A part of Clusiv, both as a student or as a company.

42:40 - where Lukas gets his drive from.47 min 40 sec what the future holds for Zlusiv

53:00 - The power of giving opportunity to a person.

Podcast Intro & Outro done by Pete Gustin the Blind Surfer find out more at ► https://www.petegustin.com


Four Bad Eyes is a brand new venture between two extremely devoted and talented individuals. We are pumped to keep working hard to make this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.