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Our Editor's Take

Rock and pop music fans may enjoy the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast. As per the title, the show has great discussions about both current music and the newest stories in the magazine. But as is fitting for a magazine that started in 1967, it also discusses rock music's amazing history.

Rolling Stone magazine senior writer Brian Hiatt hosts this podcast. Hiatt has worked for the publication since 2010. And he has written over 70 cover stories for the magazine. He also wrote the 2019 book Bruce Springsteen: The Stories Behind the Songs. So he is a great choice to anchor the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast. That's because he knows so much about both rock music and the magazine he writes for.

Hiatt presents the best in the latest stories from Rolling Stone staffers. The writers offer epic insight into the greatest songs and the best albums. Listeners reconnect with musical roots as Rolling Stone Music Now revisits past eras of rock music. What were the worst albums by the best artists? What were the dumbest music decisions bands ever made? When a musical artist passes away, this show will talk about their life and their top music.

But the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast doesn't leave modern music behind, either. The show talks about the best (and worst) songs of the year, as well as reviewing musical events like the Super Bowl halftime show. It also discusses the latest album releases.

The Rolling Stone Music Now podcast also features interviews with music stars. Mariah Carey tells Hiatt what it was like to record her famous album Butterfly. Chic artist and producing legend discusses making David Bowie's Let's Dance album. Sheryl Crow shares the stories behind her career. Listeners will also hear untold stories about other popular artists. They can expect insightful profiles of Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and Bruce Springsteen. Another segment details how heavy metal music sets the stage for Stranger Things. The podcast has new episodes each week.

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