Freedom from the Diet Cycle

Paul Wistuba

Are you someone who has cycled on and off all of the diets going, losing weight to then regain it all again? Do you want to find freedom from all that mind-chatter around food? The constant thinking about your next meal and if you have enough calories left? This is the podcast for you! I‘ll guide you on the journey to overcome eating because of stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm to help you truly find freedom from the diet cycle for good. I offer this podcast to you because I have been on the same cycle you have throughout most of my adult life. I want to share with you the life-changing experience I am having as I explore how important my thoughts and emotions are in managing my weight effectively. I too have chomped on a chocolate bar due to stress and now the thought doesn‘t even cross my mind. I promise you can get there too! Wouldn‘t it be great to not use food as a way to handle life‘s challenges? Come join me and I will share with you the secrets. www.paulwistubacoaching.com

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