#042 Kayse Gehret: we are tools for nature

Psy Diaries

Jun 2 2022 • 30 mins

Psy Diaries episode summary:

We talk with Kayse Gehret — CEO of Micro-dosing for Healing — about apprenticing ourselves, the importance of sharing psychedelic stories, and feeling quantum entanglement.


00:00 — Come up

01:16 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Senators send official letter to NIH questioning psilocybin status; How to deal with obsolete laws

03:02 — New Co-Host Carlos Plazola, Condor and the Eagle

09:10 — What past lessons does Kayse take with her as an entrepreneur in the psychedelic space?

11:58 — What has surprised you in remote work with psychedelics?

14:27 — How can we revolutionize access to plant healing?

18:49 — What's the role of narrative and sourcing when working with plant medicines?

22:07 — Sharing mystical experiences

26:39 — SOUL SEARCH: Who did you grow up idolizing... (32:33)

Kayse Gehret

Kayse Gehret - with over two decades in the healing arts - is the engaging, accessible founder of Microdosing for Healing.

Her program is a nationwide virtual platform combining microdosing education and supportive community.

The interactive group programs offer a unique, intimate community of individuals drawn to practice with diverse intentions... including physical healing, mental wellness, emotional balance and spiritual connection.

The intention of the program is to introduce individuals to the beautiful practice of microdosing earth medicines, inspire a lifelong connection to nature, instill a reverence & respect for the medicines and create the conditions for healing inside a welcoming, supportive container.

Find Kayse here:

Become part of the growing Psilocybin Psoirée with promo code MUSHROOM22

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