Rotten to the Core

Joshua Waters

Welcome, my darlings, to Rotten to the Core, the enchantingly sinister history podcast that weaves dark tales of humanity's most infamous characters and events. This award-winning podcast shall bewitch you with wickedly captivating stories of true crime and the shadowy corners of history, exploring the twisted desires that drive these Rotten souls to the brink of infamy. Hosted by the delightfully devious queer monarch, Joshua Waters, Rotten to the Core invites you to embark on a wicked journey through the annals of time, unearthing the tantalizing secrets behind the most notorious figures and spine-chilling events that have left their mark on history's dark tapestry. Join us, my precious listeners, as we unravel the forbidden stories that lurk in the shadows, revealing the true nature of those who have been cast as villains or misunderstood souls. With a spellbinding combination of cunning wit, devilish charm, and meticulous research, Rotten to the Core promises a bewitching auditory adventure that history enthusiasts simply cannot resist. read less
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