Money With Katie

Let It Be Easy with Susie Moore

Oct 23 2022 • 56 mins

I heard about Katie from many people before I started following her.

Katie Gatti is the woman behind all things Money with Katie. She focuses on teaching #RichGirls how to make their money work for them. There's no other voice like hers in the money space (especially for millennials and Gen Z!), and I'm thrilled to have her on the podcast where we discuss:

  • Why we spend most of our lives making money but never like to talk about it.
  • How to balance enjoying the now with saving for the future.
  • Whether buying a house is the right choice for you?
  • What every 16-year-old should know about money.
  • Our different money seasons in life and how to approach them.
  • How to tell if your money is working well for you.
  • The magic figure Katie thinks you need to retire early (note: this number applies to her own life)!

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