The Accidental Farm

Dana | Farm Girl

In 5 minutes a day, you are immersed in the life of a little farm. The characters -- furry, feathered and human -- contribute to your escape. It's a break from your daily grind where lessons from chickens, strangely enough, apply to you, your friends, family and colleagues no matter where you live. Step onto the farm during your commute, in a break between meetings, while doing chores, working out or with your morning coffee. The farm's a simple place with complex dynamics that will leave you thinking about it well after the five minutes are through. The Accidental Farm podcast has been touted as "bingeworthy" with "enchanted storytelling" that's "a cure for a modern life full of frustrating password resets and too many long customer service hold times." Find more on Instagram @xoxofarmgirl Comment, review, request, connect! read less